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Logo Design in Nottingham

Logo Design is by far our most popular product amongst clients in Nottingham and all over the UK. This is because a logo is nearly always the first thing you would think about when starting a new business.

A logo is a symbol or icon, unique to a business or organisation. It stamps a brand-mark on pretty much everything. From your marketing, to web design, vehicle and shop signage. Potential clients need to be able to recognise your brand. 

Therefore it is crucial for any business to have one.

There are several different types of logo design, for example, monogram, illustrative and minimal. SB Design have an extensive portfolio of such projects with clients from Nottingham, around the UK and overseas. However, if you would like to get some advice and discuss about what’s best for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us, either through our handy online form or on social media.

Logo Design in Nottingham Examples - Timber, Plane, Bird, Photography
Logo Design in Nottingham Examples - Timber, Plane, Bird, Photography

Where should I use my logo?

SB Design can also discuss with you about how we can integrate your logo into other parts of your business. A few examples of these would be business cards, leaflets and flyers, posters, banners and various signage. Also, if you plan to attend events and shows, merchandise and point of sale displays prove really effective.

Social media platforms are far more effective with solid branding and consistency. A profile or cover image, and

promotions are uses of this. Lastly, little things that business owners tend to forget about, but again prove very effective, are email footers. Having a prominent logo to end your emails work wonders. With your contact details, social media and website links too.

Ready to go? You can now order your logo design today on our website, for just £25.00. Fancy an animated design instead? You can do that too!


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